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Please note, currently we are not taking on any new patients or clientele. If you wish to be on our waitlist, please email us info@fche.com.au

Our aim as Exercise Physiologists is to prescribe safe and effective exercises, stretches and movements that will enhance mobility, decrease pain and improve wellbeing.

We want clients to become self managing of their injury or chronic condition through exercise that’s specific to them and their condition or injury. Through education and prescription we strive to have clients regain their movement and strength after injury and limit the risk of re injury.

We work with clients with (but not limited to):

  • Muscle/joint injuries or pain
  • Pre/post surgery
  • Cancer pre/during and post treatment
  • Heart conditions
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • MS
  • Diabetes


Initial Consultation – $100

Ongoing Consultation – $85

Online consultation – $85


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What is an Exercise Physiologist?
Exercise physiologists are 4-year University qualified allied health professionals, who specialise in the delivery of exercise, lifestyle and behavioural modification programs for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries.
What’s the difference between an exercise physiologist and a personal trainer?

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are university trained and have undertaken extensive training and study to treat clients with chronic conditions, injuries and health related concerns through exercise prescription and lifestyle modifications.

Personal trainers complete a Certificate 4 (and some further their study with a diploma) in fitness.  Personal trainers provide fitness assessments, instruction and supervision to individuals or small groups of clients. They may be employed by fitness centers or work on a freelance basis.  This qualification enables them to work with the general ‘healthy’ population.  They are only insured to work with this demographic.

Many AEPs are dual qualified as personal trainers, dietitians, physiotherapists, pilates instructors etc, they have the ultimate knowledge to help you use exercise effectively.

What’s the difference between an exercise physiologist and a physiotherapist?
Exercise physiology and physiotherapy are both recognised allied health professions. Exercise physiologists primarily treat patients using clinical exercise interventions as their main modality. There is also a strong focus on behavioural change and self-management concepts. Physiotherapists are health care professionals who assess, diagnose, treat and manage acute injury, disability and pain through physical techniques such as manipulation, massage and exercise.
What does a typical session look like?

We encourage all new clients to undertake an initial assessment to identify health and injury problems and have an understanding of your medical and exercise history. We identify your exercise barriers, set safe and realistic goals to reduce your symptoms related to your condition and then get you involved in a specific exercise program whether one on one with us in the studio, group classes or devise a home or gym program to improve your lifestyle.


Cancer and Exercise

Exercising whilst on cancer treatment or post treatment has been studied and proven to aid with many side effects of treatment. Its shown to decrease side effects of medication, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, to increase strength, decrease fatigue and improve mental state. Many cancer patients are aware of the need and benefits of exercise but are at a loss of what is right for them.


We provide individual sessions for cancer patients.

We also provide at home and gym programs for those that wish to have an individual exercise program devised to perform at home or another facility. 


Individual sessions:

We work with you one on one to determine the best approach to your exercise regime. It may be working towards home exercise, a gym program or working closely with us at our private facility.


Consultation fee’s apply. Rebates may apply through Medicare or private health fund.


Please contact us to discuss your best avenue of exercise.

Do I need a referral?

No you do not need a referral to see an exercise physiologist.

You can however be referred via your GP on an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC)  plan or a chronic disease management (CDM) plan. Please discuss with your GP on suitable options, or alternatively call us to discuss your referral options.

Do you accept Medicare referrals?
Yes we do. To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, you will need a referral from your GP on an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan or a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan. You are eligible for up to 5 sessions rebated through Medicare per calendar year. As we are a private billing business, consultation fee’s are required at time of appointment, and you claim your rebate through Medicare after your session with your receipt.
Do you accept DVA referrals?
Yes we do. To be eligible to be seen under the Department of Vetran’s Affairs (DVA) you will need a referral from your GP for clinically necessary exercise to help with and improve your condition/s. Gold or white card holders are eligible for these services.
Can I claim back on private health funds?
Yes you can. Depending on your provider and your level of cover, you can claim some of the service back on your health fund with your receipt.
How do I book an appointment?

Please contact us via the contact us tab, or phone 52241442 or email info@fche.com.au to book an initial appointment or book in for your first group session.

Our Cancellation Policy

Many appointments are booked ahead of time, and we often have clients on a waiting list for earlier appointments.

We appreciate as much notice as possible if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, so that we may allocate the appointment to another client.

A cancellation fee applies where less than 12 hours notice is given to cancel appointment, or if you miss your appointment. 50% of session cost for less than 12 hours notice is applied, and the full consultation fee is charged for less than 3 hours notice, and for missed appointments.

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