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We are the most trusted provider to offer holistic corporate yoga and
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Yoga Sessions

Improve your organisation's well-being with our specialised corporate yoga programs. Let us nurture employee vitality, enhance focus, and foster cohesive teamwork for a thriving and productive work environment.

Wellness Workshops

Immerse your team in transformative wellness workshops. We empower individuals with holistic insights, practical tools, and lasting inspiration for a balanced, energized, and fulfilled work-life journey.

Exercise Physiology

Explore personalised training approaches, recovery techniques, and performance enhancement strategies for a healthier, stronger you. We offer health and fitness programs for hardworking employees.

Meditation Classes

Discover serenity in our Meditation Classes. Cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, and enhance mental clarity through expert guidance, fostering inner peace and improved well-being.

Our Workplace Wellbeing Programs

FCHE Corporate Yoga has been providing corporate yoga and wellness programs
in Geelong to achieve a healthy, harmonious and productive work environment. Our wellness programs include:

Mindfulness Breaks

Refresh minds and boost focus with quick, guided mindfulness sessions, enhancing stress management and cognitive clarity.

Ergonomics Excellence

Create ergonomic workspaces through tailored assessments, promoting comfort, reducing strains, and elevating employee wellness and productivity.

Nutrition Essentials

Empower teams with expert insights into balanced nutrition, promoting energy, vitality, and overall well-being.

Fitness Fusion

Blend dynamic workouts and flexibility routines to invigorate bodies, promoting physical wellness and fostering team camaraderie.

Stress Resilience Workshops

Equip employees with effective stress-coping strategies and resilience-building techniques for a healthier, more adaptable workforce.

Sleep Harmony Sessions

Prioritise sleep for optimal performance. Learn sleep hygiene practices and relaxation techniques to promote better sleep quality.

Work-Life Balance Mastery

Empower individuals to balance career demands with personal life, nurturing happiness, productivity, and overall fulfillment.

Emotional Wellbeing

Enhance interpersonal skills through emotional intelligence training, nurturing a harmonious workplace and meaningful collaborations.

Why Choose Our Corporate Yoga

Being a leading provider of Corporate Yoga and Exercise Physiology in Geelong,
we take immense pride in offering yoga sessions to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees.


Tailored Wellness Solutions

You can leverage the benefits from customised yoga sessions that cater to diverse fitness levels and cater to specific employee health needs. Come and join our yoga sessions today for your mental wellbeing.


Enhanced Productivity

We are committed to providing holistic yoga programs that can help employees alleviate stress, improve concentration, and boost mental clarity in their corporate journey. Our sessions can boost your productivity in the long run.


Strengthened Team Cohesion

Fostering unity and collaboration, our group yoga sessions create a sense of community that translates into improved workplace relationships. We take pride in improving the team building skills in this competitive world.


Holistic Well-being

Our expert instructors in Geelong guide participants toward overall wellness by addressing physical fitness, mental health, and emotional balance. Employee’s health is our topmost priority and we take care of all aspects.


Flexibility, Literally and Figuratively

Experience the physical benefits of improved flexibility and posture, while also nurturing an adaptable, open mindset crucial for business success. No job is too big or too small for our professionals.


Long-Term Resilience

Equip your team with stress-management tools that have lasting effects, ensuring employees are better equipped to handle challenges, reducing burnout risks. Join our yoga sessions that can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Tailormade Fitness Solutions for Corporate Success !

Take your corporate wellness strategy to the next level with our tailored Personal and Group Training programs in Geelong. From individualised coaching to team-building workouts, we empower your employees to achieve their fitness goals while fostering camaraderie. Many small businesses like BCIC, offering services for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne have organised our workshops for their employees and benefitted from it. Our expert trainers blend motivation and science to cultivate healthier, more energized teams, translating into enhanced productivity and a thriving work environment.

How We Work

Our Approach to Transformative Wellness

At FCGE Corporate Yoga, our approach revolves around holistic wellness transformation. We begin by understanding your organisation's unique needs, culture, and goals. Collaboratively, we design tailored programs, integrating yoga, fitness, and mindfulness techniques.

Our passion and dedication for health and wellness is at core and that’s why corporate sector chooses us. We understand the importance of employee’s health and committed to offering holistic wellness solutions to meet the diverse requirements of today’s workforce. Our organisation also takes immense pride in offering a range of new-age services, such as extensive training programs, educational seminars, e-courses. Campaigns and bespoke wellness programs to support the physical and mental well-being of your employees. We majorly focus on reducing work stress, boost interpersonal relationships and leaderships through our innovative sessions because good health and positive environment boosts productivity.

Our certified experts in Geelong guide participants through progressive sessions, whether individual or group-based, focusing on personal growth and team synergy. We measure progress through data-driven assessments, adapting strategies as needed. This comprehensive methodology fosters mental clarity, physical vitality, and cohesive workplace dynamics.

By prioritising well-being, we drive sustained individual and organizational success, fostering a positive work environment where employees thrive. If you are also looking forward to buy a business for sale in Melbourne CBD or any other region of Melbourne, you can book our services as a bonus for your employees. Join us on a wellness journey that redefines how your team works and lives.

Feeling the strain from work demands?

You're not alone. Back pain can hinder productivity. Our carefully curated yoga and exercise workouts target pain relief, addressing the root causes of discomfort caused by prolonged sitting.

From gentle stretches to core-strengthening routines, our programs are designed to alleviate tension and restore flexibility. Prioritize your well-being and invest in yourself.

Let's work together to ensure a pain-free, productive, and fulfilling work experience.

Book Our Exercise Physiology Services in Geelong

Personalized Fitness Approach

Our exercise physiology services embrace a tailored approach. Our experts analyze your unique physiology, fitness goals, and health history to design personalized exercise plans. This precision ensures optimal results, whether you're aiming for weight management, strength building, or enhanced endurance.

Evidence-Based Excellence

Backed by the latest scientific research, our exercise physiology programs are grounded in evidence-based principles. This approach ensures that every workout and training technique is not only effective but also safe, promoting sustainable progress and minimizing the risk of injury. With our guidance, your journey to peak performance is scientifically sound and rewarding.

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