About Us

Empower Your Workforce Wellness!

For more than 10 years, FCHE Corporate Yoga has been running
yoga sessions and workplace health programs for all types of business in Geelong.

Who We Are

We are a pioneering corporate wellness center, dedicated to transforming workplaces through holistic health. With a decade of expertise, we offer tailored yoga, fitness, and mindfulness solutions. Our mission is to enhance employee well-being, productivity, and engagement, creating vibrant and harmonious work environments.

What We Do

We curate transformative wellness experiences for businesses. Through personalized yoga, fitness, and mindfulness programs, we empower employees to thrive physically and mentally. Our evidence-based approach fosters resilience, reduces stress, and cultivates a culture of well-being, resulting in more productive and fulfilled teams.

How We Do

We blend expertise and innovation to craft impactful wellness journeys. Our certified instructors create tailored programs addressing specific needs. Data-driven insights guide our strategies, ensuring progress. We foster a collaborative environment, infusing ancient practices with modern science to empower employees, cultivate well-being, and drive organizational success.

Our Online Programs

Discover our dynamic online programs designed for flexibility and accessibility. From virtual yoga and fitness classes to mindfulness workshops, our expert-led sessions bring wellness directly to your team. Empower employees to prioritise health wherever they are, promoting productivity, engagement, and work-life balance.

Our Expertise in Corporate Yoga Events!

With a profound understanding of corporate wellness, we excel in curating impactful events. Our expertise lies in crafting seamless experiences that combine invigorating activities with holistic well-being. From team-building yoga sessions that foster camaraderie to mindfulness workshops that enhance focus, we tailor each event to your objectives.

Our seasoned instructors, backed by years of experience, lead engaging sessions that cater to diverse needs and fitness levels. Whether it's a one-time event or a series of workshops, our approach nurtures employee health, morale, and collaboration, leaving a lasting positive impact on your team and organization.

Our Corporate Yoga and Wellness Sessions

We are committed to creating a thriving, energetic, and healthy work environment for our
clients through yoga sessions, wellness workshops and fitness coaching.


Fundamental Yoga Course

Perfect for beginners, this course introduces yoga essentials to enhance flexibility and relaxation. Expert instructors guide employees through gentle postures, easing tension and promoting mindfulness. Empower your team with a solid yoga foundation that fosters well-being and supports a harmonious work-life balance.


Power Yoga Intensity

Unleash your potential with dynamic Power Yoga. Elevate strength, endurance, and mental focus through rigorous flows and challenging postures. Our experienced instructors lead invigorating sessions that sculpt your body, boost vitality, and cultivate a resilient mindset, empowering you to conquer both on and off the mat.


Restorative Bliss

Indulge in tranquility with Restorative Bliss. Guided by seasoned instructors, this course features gentle postures and deep relaxation techniques. Alleviate stress, soothe the mind, and rejuvenate the body. Elevate your well-being through serene practices that promote inner harmony and leave you feeling refreshed.


Ergonomics and Posture Mastery

Discover optimal well-being at work. Our session delves into ergonomic principles, teaching employees to create ergonomic workspaces that reduce strain and improve posture. With expert guidance, empower your team to enhance comfort, boost productivity, and cultivate a healthier, more sustainable work environment.


Stress Resilience Training

Equip your team with essential tools to combat stress. Our session combines exercise, mindfulness, and nutrition insights to foster mental resilience. Empower employees to manage stress effectively, enhancing focus, well-being, and overall work performance in the face of challenges.


Strength and Conditioning Workshops

Empower your workforce with evidence-based strategies. Our workshops focus on strength and conditioning techniques, enhancing physical resilience and performance. Expert-led sessions guide employees through dynamic exercises, promoting functional fitness, confidence, and vitality, creating a healthier and more motivated team.