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Geelong’s personalised health and wellness provider.

Full Circle health and exercise is jointly owned by two partners, Verity Johnson and Debbie Moore , who share the same vision for the future in the health and fitness industry. To enable everybody to be all they can be, working with their capabilities, to sustain a greater quality of life, balancing both body and mind.

We truly believe in offering our clients a specialised and tailored approach as each client is unique.  So whether you are at the beginning of your fitness journey, pre or post natal, recovering from injury or surgery, our team will ensure we provide you with the right approach at the right time.

debbie moore

Yoga teacher & Wellness Coach

Debbie has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, originating in the UK before moving to Australia in 2002, to continue with personal training & group fitness, However, after recognising more and more that each individual needed a different approach, she pursued her path in yoga.

Now a fully accredited Yoga Teacher, she completed both the Diploma and 2 year advance Diploma in Yoga studies, teaching, meditation and philosophy. She has trained under great and well respected teachers and is passionate about utilising yoga as therapy for those in need. Debbie inspires and develops her clients, both from a physical and mental perspective to develop a deeper gratitude of life and to truly empower them to be all they can be!

verity johnson

Exercise Physiologist

Verity is an accredited Exercise Physiologist who studied a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement and a Post graduate in Exercise Rehabilitation at the University of Ballarat. Verity has been in the health and fitness industry since 2003.

Verity is passionate about educating clients to become self managing of their injury or condition through effective exercise and rehabilitation therapy. Verity has a keen interest with cancer and exercise, and the importance of including exercise as part of treatment.

She believes that through a holistic approach to exercise and lifestyle changes, most conditions can be treated conservatively through exercise, rest and nutrition.

our team

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Simone Brown

Exercise Physiologist

Simone graduated from the University of Ballarat in 2012 after completing her post graduate in Exercise Physiology. Simone delivers a function based approach toward her exercise prescription for a broad range of conditions and injuries. Her goal is to educate on lifestyle and behavioural modifications to prevent injuries from reoccurring and to help manage acute and chronic disease and injuries.

Her speciality is core strength and control as she is also a qualified mat and reformer Pilates instructor. Simone provides a well rounded approach to exercise to enhance quality of life and ensure an efficient recovery.


Sarah Healy

Exercise Physiologist

An accredited Exercise Physiologist, Sarah has been working in the health and fitness industry since 2001. Sarah grew up in Melbourne and began working at the Victorian Rehabilitation Centre and a Corrective Exercise studio before moving to Geelong in 2005. She has been working in private practice, based predominantly within fitness centres and teaching cert 3, 4 and Diploma of fitness at VFA Learning.

Sarah is passionate about educating clients on the influence posture and technique has on pain, injury and performance. She can develop an exercise program based at home or in the gym depending on your personal goals. Sarah will teach you to self manage your condition both now and for the long term. 

Anna Le Deux

Yoga Teacher

Anna began her yoga journey as a teen.  Some 25+ years of practice on she formally trained at VIYETT completing the Diploma of Yoga Teaching and 2 year Advanced Diploma in Yoga Studies.

Anna’s particular interest is the eastern philosophy of Yoga and how we can learn from that as a holistic health management science.  Her yoga classes aim to offer the time to slow down and practice restorative yoga poses with breathing techniques and mind awareness; particularly useful when going through stress and life transitions.  In Anna’s classes you will be gently guided through a class for all ages and fitness levels that encompasses Relaxation, Pranayama (Breath work),  Asana (Poses), Mudras (gestures) and short meditations that aim to leave you feeling physically, mentally and emotionally balanced with restored energy.

“I feel so privileged to share the basic foundations of yoga practice and receive the additional learnings that students bring to my classes. By showing up for ourselves on our mat we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves”.


Kaitlyn Amor

Personal trainer and group fitness

Kaitlyn is our Saturday morning personal trainer who provides a 45 minute group training session that is interval training focused. Kaitlyn has been in the health and fitness industry since 2007, and has a keen interest in Netball. Her training encompasses all fitness levels and can accommodate exercises to suit individual needs.

*Kaitlyn is currently on Maternity leave

our vision and philosophy

To improve health, well being, physical and mental strength by using a holistic approach to exercise and recovery.

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