Physiology Sessions

Customised Fitness Assessment

Tailored exclusively for corporates, our comprehensive fitness assessment delves into individual health goals and needs. Through in-depth evaluations, we identify strengths and areas for improvement, shaping personalised exercise plans. Our trained instructors empower your employees to embark on a fitness journey that aligns with their unique requirements.

Strength and Conditioning Session

Our expert-led workshop introduces corporates in Geelong to evidence-based strength and conditioning techniques. We guide participants through progressive workouts that enhance muscular strength, endurance, and overall fitness. Tailored to various fitness levels, these sessions focus on safe and effective exercises, empowering employees to build physical resilience, boost confidence.

Ergonomics and Posture Mastery

Designed for corporate well-being, this session educates employees about ergonomic principles and posture techniques. You can learn how to create ergonomic workspaces, reduce strain, and promote better posture for enhanced comfort and productivity. We empower your team with practical knowledge to create a healthier and more conducive work environment.

Shoulder Pain Relief Session

Targeted for corporate professionals, this session addresses shoulder discomfort caused by desk work and stress. Our skilled instructors guide participants through gentle stretches and exercises to alleviate pain, release tension, and improve mobility. Empower your team with practical strategies for shoulder health, enhancing workplace comfort and productivity.

Fitness Sessions

Experience transformation through our expert-led exercise and fitness sessions. Tailored to corporate needs, our sessions encompass diverse routines that enhance strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall vitality. Guided by certified trainers, participants engage in evidence-based workouts that boost physical resilience, mental clarity, and stress management skills. You can enjoy a healthier, more energized lifestyle, empowering your team to excel in both work and life.

Rehabilitating Sessions

Our specialised rehabilitation sessions offer targeted support for individuals on their path to recovery. Guided by experienced professionals, these sessions focus on tailored exercises that restore strength, flexibility, and functionality. Whether overcoming injuries or addressing specific health concerns, our sessions empower participants to regain mobility and vitality, promoting a successful return to work and a fulfilling life.

Chronic Pain Relief

Start a journey to alleviate chronic pain with our specialised physiology sessions. Tailored to individuals dealing with persistent discomfort, our program offers evidence-based techniques to manage pain, restore functionality, and enhance overall well-being. Our experienced experts guide participants through exercises that target pain relief, fostering improved quality of life and enabling a more active and fulfilling existence.

Flexibility and Mobility Enhancement

Our dedicated sessions focus on increasing flexibility and mobility, crucial for overall health and injury prevention. Led by skilled trainers, these workouts incorporate dynamic stretches and exercises to enhance joint mobility, muscular flexibility, and posture. These sessions improve movement patterns, fostering better work performance and a more active lifestyle. Feel free to contact us and improve your mobility through our sessions.

Functional Fitness

Experience the power of functional fitness that prepares you for real-life activities. Our sessions focus on exercises that mimic everyday movements, enhancing strength, balance, and agility. Led by certified trainers, these workouts improve your ability to handle physical demands both at work and during leisure time, ensuring a well-rounded, capable, and injury-resistant body.