Corporate Yoga

Create a Healthy & Happy Workplace with Our Corporate Yoga

Our corporate yoga cultivates healthier minds and bodies,
fostering a vibrant, harmonious work environment.


Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Ground your team in the essence of strength and stability. Stand tall like a mountain, aligning posture, and promoting mindfulness. This is one of the easiest yet impactful pose that can instill a sense of empowerment that resonates throughout the workday. You will feel fresh, energetic and relaxed.


Foundation Flow

This is a perfect course for newcomers. Foundation flow introduces fundamental postures and breathing techniques. You can develop flexibility and body awareness, fostering a strong base for a balanced yoga journey. This particular session is great for busy working professionals who have just started their yoga journey.


Energizing Vinyasa

Experience a dynamic yoga practice that seamlessly links breath and movement. Through invigorating sequences, boost physical strength, balance, and mental clarity. This fluid practice revitalizes your body and mind, infusing you with energy and enthusiasm to conquer the challenges of both the mat and the workplace.


Power Yoga

Ignite your inner strength with a vigorous practice that merges athleticism and mindfulness. Challenge yourself with dynamic poses and dynamic flows that demand focus, endurance, and determination. This empowering style cultivates not only physical power but also a resilient mindset, empowering you to excel in all aspects of life.


Restorative Bliss

Indulge in serenity with this soothing practice designed to melt away stress. Gentle, supported poses are held for extended periods to encourage relaxation and rejuvenation. By releasing tension, this practice nurtures a sense of calm and balance, offering a blissful reprieve from the demands of corporate life.


Yoga for Stress Relief

Discover solace through this targeted practice that tackles stress head-on. Guided by calming poses and breathwork, this session releases tension and promotes relaxation. Learn techniques to soothe both body and mind, equipping you with valuable tools to navigate the challenges of work and life with renewed composure and ease.


Mind-Body Balance

Harmonise your being with this transformative fusion of yoga and meditation. Cultivate physical vitality through yoga poses and nurture mental clarity through mindfulness practices. This holistic session fosters a profound sense of equilibrium, ensuring that your well-being thrives on both the mat and in your professional endeavors, promoting a centered and fulfilled life.


Team-Building Yoga

Build connections beyond the boardroom with this interactive session. Engage in partner poses and group flows that foster camaraderie and trust. Through shared experiences, this practice cultivates a sense of unity among colleagues, enhancing collaboration and communication. Strengthen bonds, improve team dynamics, and build a cohesive work environment through the power of yoga.


Chair Yoga Revitalize

Designed for desk-bound days, this seated practice revitalizes your body and mind. Gentle stretches and mindful movements alleviate stiffness and tension, promoting flexibility and relaxation. Perfect for all levels, this session offers a convenient way to boost energy and enhance well-being even amidst busy work schedules. Come and join our yoga sessions for your physical and mental wellbeing.