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We understand that health is not just about the movement, it is also about the mind. Movement and the mind aid each other and the strength of both these components is vital to optimum health.

Addressing mental health is very important and the rise of conditions such as depression, anxiety, cancer, heart related episodes can all be related to on overload of stress on the mind and the body. The physical body can break down if we do not address the mind.

Improving your wellbeing is an essential part of our business and we strive to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing though our specifically designed packages, programs and seminars.

What wellbeing programs do we offer?

We work collaboratively with you, whether its workplace health solutions, school age children health programs or a corporate seminar, we provide a tailored approach to your mental, physical and emotional health to replace the balance needed in people’s lives.

Some of the programs we offer:

  • Wellness coaching
  • Mental health programs for schools 
  • Mental health appraisals
  • Workplace stress management seminars
  • Individual mentoring for school age children
What is involved with the process for your workplace?

To gain a comprehensive overview of your company and the demands on your staff, it involves us assessing your workplace, staff and managers and implementing workplace programs that suit your needs. We discuss with you what you are looking for in terms of decreased sick days, increased staff morale and health and increased productivity.

This may be an implementation of mental and physical health appraisals which may then lead to wellness coaching for particular staff that need more help and guidance dealing with workplace stress and physical stress. This could also lead to an ongoing wellness program that includes weekly meditation or yoga practice for the workplace. The options are endless!

What do you offer for schools?

We have been involved with school mental health programs since 2012, implementing programs especially designed for girls aged 12-18 to help cope with the pressures of school, peers and social media. We have had huge success with this program which focuses on building confidence, resilience and self worth over a 10 week period in which  we provide weekly group meetings to combat the pressures of today.

We also hold similar programs for boys aged 12-18.

What is involved with a school program?

We work with your school, providing a program for girls and boys run outside of the curriculum, and offer the program over the course of 10 weeks at one session per week for approx. 90 mins. The sessions typically include: physical activity tips and suggestions, mental health awareness, resilience confidence and how to deal with social media and bullying, focusing on one specific topic per week.  The sessions also work in conjunction with motivational and guest speakers and can, as needed, address current mental health needs such as stress, anxiety, depression, self harm and suicide in teenage children.  Working closely with mental health professionals and with referral systems in place.

If you are looking for that something extra to implement to your school or workplace, please contact us to discuss a program that we can tailor to suit your needs.

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