The Cancer Coach


Exercising whilst on cancer treatment or post treatment has been studied and proven to aid with many side effects of treatment. Its shown to decrease side effects of medication, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, to increase strength, decrease fatigue and improve mental state. Many cancer patients are aware of the need and benefits of exercise but are at a loss of what is right for them.

We provide individual specialised exercise programs for all people pre, during and post cancer treatment.

If you have been looking for an exercise program to do, but at a loss of where to look, then we are here to help. No matter where you are, an individual exercise program will be sent directly to you for you to perform at home or at a gym facility. 
What exercise programs do we offer?

We work with you to devise an exercise program to be sent directly to your inbox to perform the exercise program where ever you are.

Alternatively, any locals to Geelong Vic, can book a face to face appointment in our private studio to devise a suitable exercise program.  We also cater for clients that wish to have ongoing individual exercise sessions in the studio on a weekly basis. Always with an Exercise Physiologist. You can contact us via the “contact” tab to discuss your options.




What is involved with the process for online programs?

To have an individual program devised for you, please contact us using the “contact” tab with your requirements and requests.

We will send a health medical screen that is required to be completed and clearance from your GP before any exercise programs can devised.

We will then devise a suitable program to suit your level of ability, type and extent of treatment and previous history of exercise. We also cater for any injuries or other conditions that you may have. This will be sent as an email.


How much does an exercise program cost?

To have an exercise program sent directly to you the cost is $50.  This includes discussion of your current state, needs and goals. The program is sent via email. 

Any further online exercise programs are $30

Individual face to face programs/appointments will incur the Exercise Physiology consultation price.


What if I am new to exercise?

Don’t despair! We cater for all abilities, levels of experience and access to equipment, space and facility.

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